The house plans to vote on a new $3 trillion stimulus bill. That could mean more stimulus for individuals and businesses if it passes. To learn more see CNN’s “House to vote on $3 trillion Covid aid package and historic rules change to allow remote voting.”

Did you know you can claim your $1,200 stimulus check even if you don’t file taxes? As long as you didn’t HAVE to file, for example due to not making enough money, you still qualify for the check. Here is the official IRS link for non-filers: To learn more, check out our question and […]

A new proposal called the Emergency Money for the People Act would offer $2,000 checks to Americans impacted by COVID-19. This is like an extension of the $1,200 check. This idea has not passed yet, it has simply been proposed. You can learn more at Forbes’ “Proposal: You Get A $2,000 Stimulus Check Every Month.”

Stimulus checks have started to go out to Americans and many Americans will see $1,200 deposited in their bank account. If you haven’t seen your payment yet, you can track your payment here:

President Trump has signed the CARES Act into law. Learn more about the CARES Act.

The CAREs Act, the Coronavirus relief bill, has passed and is now awaiting the President’s signature to become law. Learn more about what is in the CAREs Act.

The Senate has passed the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act” or the “CARES Act,” a $2 trillion stimulus package which includes stimulus for large and small businesses and for families. The legislation needs to go back to the house for approval and then to the President’s desk to be signed. Among other things […]